Friday, May 01, 2009

Away With the Fairies!

Fairies were said to be summoned by the ringing of bluebells, and if you're looking for them, this is the time! Bluebell woods can be found in all parts of Great Britain and Ireland. In fact, if you find yourself admiring the magical blue flowers, you're probably standing in a woodland dating back to at least 1600, as bluebells are a common indicator species for ancient woodland (1).

The photograph above was taken in the Lickey Hills, south west of Birmingham, just over the Worcestershire border. As it was rather sunny, my friend D.S. and I decided ad hoc to move our walk to Wednesday (even though I had to be in Shropshire by 6:30, -- oh, the stress of a scrummy mummy!), which is just as well, as it rained again on Thursday. We didn't quite have the time for the longer route but we did find this spot. There are lots of National Trust properties with bluebell walks, check it out here. (2)
I can't remember where I got that from, presumably Wikipedia.
(2) From Birmingham, try Brockhampton Estate, Herefordshire, Tel: 01885 488099, and take one of the waymarked woodland walks through some of the finest selection of trees in the county, past intriguing wooden sculptures. Or take a stroll through the carpets of bluebells in Coughton Court's bluebell wood, Coughton Court, Warwickshire, Tel: 01789 762435.


Temperance said...

I love the picture!

Zabeena said...

Thank you! I did adjust it a little bit to get the best out of it. You know, contrast and that sort of thing.