Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nothing fishy, please...

...was what my men said when Germany played Denmark. - That was ages ago, of course. Before England succumbed to the penalty demon once again. As this usually renders all interest in the Euro Championships null and void, I'd better wind up my recipes.

For the aforementioned game, I suggested pork knuckle but the boys feared Sauerkraut would come into the equation and demanded the absolute staple of German cuisine: Potato Salad & Würstchen.

So here it is:

You need

salad potatoes          boiled in their skins, then peeled & cut into slices or cubes
yoghurt (optional)*                  
gherkins                   cut up fairly small
onions    (opt.)                  cut up fairly small

* I use double the amount of the mayonnaise; it's not very German (i.e. NO yoghurt added), but it saves on the calories.

Make enough dressing for the amount of potatoes you have. Add some gherkin or capers brine if it's not tasty enough. It's best to leave the salad to mature for a few hours before serving.

Serve with boiled sausages and some mustard. We like the "Frankfurter" packs of 10 they sell at Lidl. (Not that I'd call those Franfurters - but that's probably because my Mum's from Silesia, and maybe their sausages came from Frankfurt an der Oder!!!). At Sainsbury's, they sell a similar pack, an actual German brand, Hertha.

So, what else did I come up with? 

In no particular order:

Shashlik*   (Poland vs Russia)
Bruschetta topped with Cheddar (Italy vs England)
Piri Piri Chicken and Czech Potato Pancakes* (Portugal vs Czech Republic)
Mixed Meat Shish Kebabs with Chorizo (Spain vs Croatia)
Pork knuckle with Greek salad (Germany vs Greece)

I didn't see every match, and not every match I saw had a speciality meal, plus I can't remember all of them. I wish Russia hadn't gone out because I was looking forward to Spaghetti with Tomato and
Vodka sauce. Instead, we're going to have Schnitzel with Spaghetti for the second semi-final on Thursday, and for tomorrow, I've got a Portuguese-Spanish Casserole planned. And as the final is in Kiev, we're going to have Chicken Kiev, no matter which of the remaining teams get there.

* Recipes to follow.


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