Friday, June 08, 2012

Planet Football


I haven't even managed to write up everything about Essen, or put my thoughts about the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations into words (but thank God, there are enough sensible people out there who DID complain about the Celeb-Cult-Airhead-Gushing which seemed to be deemed commentary, as unworthy of the BBC), and no sooner are the buntings down (we didn't actually have any - biscuits with a red-white-and-blue theme was my only concession), and I have to deck the Moaning Room (lounge, living room, sitting room - call it what you will) in BLACK, RED & GOLD

Why? Because

are on!

And because football is tribal, I'm afraid I will sit here, wrapped in the German flag. I'll also have a European flag up, but no red and white .... My earrings are just footballs - so that  I won't cause offence when I go shopping (at least no football related offence...), but I'm getting a bit concerned about the current colour of my toe-nails: they're the bright and cheerful colour associated with the team who son no.2 thinks will be crowned champions: Orange. Yep, Germany's football arch enemies, the Netherlands.  

 Clarence Seedorf and Jürgen Klinsmann

 will both be in the studio over here, so that should become interesting at some point.

Now, where's the Pilsener and the vodka for tonight? Poland and Greece will kick off, but then it's the Czech Republic vs Russia from my Mum's home town of Wroclaw (Breslau).

"Na zdrowie", "Nastrovje", "Na zdraví", "Stin iyia sas", "Prost" & "Cheers" !!!

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