Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Still No Baps and Buns...

...for my growing lad...

because this is what it currently looks like when the bread-maker considers a bread made: I don't know what's wrong with it - if anybody out there has any ideas, please let me know.

Well, this is my lame excuse for not having baked for The Boy on his training days --- I am the Queen of Lame Excuses after all. The worst of which was my recent: "I can't start the diet because I can't get to the scales..."

It is true, they were hidden away behind mountains of boxes ... under a settee which had been rendered inaccessible by the Cardboard Dolomites ... but still ... pathetic or what?

None of you daring bakers would be put off by the bread-maker being out of order anyway, would you? But oh, all the kneading and proofing, far too time-consuming for me!

Of course, if 'Poor-little-me-tied-to-the-PC' weren't quite so busy consulting google as if it were THE ORACLE, she could actually get on with the arduous task of cooking and baking.
Likewise, if the 'I'll-just-check-my-mail-snail' could just spend one day out of seven on cutting a path through the jungle (1) , she probably could have put her grubby mitts on the big plastic container which she knows she has somewhere. Yes, the big plastic container which would be absolutely ideal for Joanna's latest experiment with no knead bread.

But even without gargantuan tupperware, there is now no more running away from it.

The last BBD yielded more than 70 quick breads (i.e. without yeast as its agent), of which 26 alone were savoury. Look for yourself:

Incidentally, the next theme has been announced as 'Spring Country Breads'. For more information, click on the badge/gadget/widget (yeah, thanks to Ivy I can finally display them!!) on the left.
The deadline is May 1st... significant in so many ways..., not least of all being my BH's birthday, which always seems to creep up on me... May seems so much later than April..., you know what I mean? Talking about birthdays, today is my MIL's, and I mustn't forget to phone her. It is also EARTH DAY.

It seems to me that it's a predominantly US-American day, although, self-evidently, it's about the whole planet, which we have been polluting forever and a day. This site reminds us of 10 easy steps to take. The one which states, that "every drop counts ..." is not, as I was hoping, about my red wine consumption helping the planet.
However, it seems that The Boy is single-handedly doing his bit, saving copious amounts of water by not having very many showers per year. And that includes slipping straight into clothes after very muddy rugby matches... Ah! The sacrifices one makes for the sake of the planet!

Well, there might not be any parties for Earth Day going on in this vicinity (I checked the net!), but there will certainly be celebrations going on the next day, which happens to be both Shakespeare's birthday, and St. George's Day.

When my Eldest was still in the Scouts (and I was Secretary of our local branch just round the corner), the St. George's Parade was de rigeur, St. George being the Patron Saint of Scouting and England (inter alia, for instance Portugal -- the fascinating country we recently visited). And of course, in Stratford, just a few stations down the line from round the corner, there are quite a few things going on between Thursday and mid of May, in order to celebrate their most famous son.

As every year, thousands of people will participate in the events, which include a parade, traditional dancing, a marathon, street entertainment, the ceremony of the unfurling of the flags and many special birthday events to honour one of the world’s greatest playwrights. Amongst the events this year, local girls will be holding a Shakespeare themed picnic with as many of their friends they can rustle up to dress as a food mentioned in Shakespeare’s plays and Sonnets. -- The mind boggles!

Having thus tied in Shakespeare with food, I am happy to go further and announce the opening of the 2009 British Asparagus Festival on the very day. A team of relay runners & the Lord Lieutenant of Worcestershire (following in a vintage Morgan car) will arrive in Stratford to present a giant round of asparagus on a Royal Worcester platter to the Lord Lieutenant of Warwickshire, Martin Dunne and Stratford’s mayor, Joyce Taylor who will accept the Round on behalf of the town. This fascinating ceremony should happen at 12.00 noon in Henley Street.

And if you're too far away from Stratford, there's always The Globe, which celebrates Shakespeare’s birthday with a series of events marking the 400th anniversary of the publication of Shakespeare’s Sonnets. The 2009 Theatre Season will open with Romeo & Juliet on Thursday 23 April. (Have I mentioned that we saw this at Stratford? And that The Boy remarked mainly on the different styles of menswear by which you could recognise their clan/family/allegiance?)

(1) Did you know that this is a chapter heading in "Modern Social Theory: From Parsons to Habermas" by Ian Craib? Interestingly, its cover shows snakes and ladders, a game just made for defeatists who take one look and know they're going to climb up high and fall the furthest - hybris probably not being the only reason - slipping down the longest snake, which incidentally, not that you need to know this, is not called 'Schnecke' in German, although it clearly should, but Schlange. Whereas 'Schnecke' is a snail (or a slug, thye're all equal, own property or not), which brings the loop nicely back. As you probably will have to read the originalsentence again from the beginning, you'll see what I mean in a moment.


Joanna said...

If it's any consolation to you, the big plastic box which now contains only the scrapings of dough has been cluttering up my fridge for a couple of weeks, because I mistakenly think that I'm going to mix more in it to make a sort of sourdough. Ha!

Your bread machine's not looking good .... have you tried using a different programme? Or just the dough, so that you can bake it in the oven (I like mine best in that mode, although I'm too idle to do it every day)

Good luck

Zabeena said...

I haven't touched the machine since the disaster. But using a different/shorter programme is a good idea. I'll give that a try and see what happens... Thanks, Joanna!