Monday, April 20, 2009

Dinner and A Movie: Wedding Crashers

In this month's film, "Wedding Crashers", charismatic divorce lawyers John Beckwith (Owen Wilson) and Jeremy Grey (Vince Vaughn) have made a hobby out of gate crashing receptions. The idea is to charm their way into lonely ladies' bedrooms - a plan which works a treat. Until they bend the one-night-stand-rule, that is....

Marc chose this film for the April edition of "Dinner and a Movie" because it's not an obvious "foodie" film, and he had all sorts of great ideas of how to interpret the task. So, why did I end up with canapes? Why so predictable? Well, the first thing that attracted my attention was actually the trellis at one of the wedding settings. Then I noticed that the lavish events invariably seemed to take place in spring, and that the pastels of the bridemaids' gowns reflected this. And it was actually the delicate spring colours, the silks and chiffons, the extravagance of the details on dresses, hats and fascinators which inspired the above 'creations'.

It doesn't really come across in the photo, but I was mainly guided by keeping each canape in one colour only. This in itself lead to some oddball combinations. The Boy and my BH asserted that it works better for painting than cooking..., but I dare say, as with everything else, it's a matter of taste, so let me talk you through them:
  • trellis: strips of leek
  • green: cucumber, avocado and Philly extra light mousse, topped with basil pesto, strips of courgette, a twig of dill and sprinkles of ground pistacchio
  • yellow: tip of chicoree, filled with grapefruit segments, sweetcorn and a zigzagged slice of bamboo shoots
  • orange: grilled slice of sweet potato, with a mousse made from Philly extra light, chargrilled orange pepper, sweet corn and crab meat, topped with smoked salmon and a strip of orange pepper
  • pink: pickled red onion on a square slice of celeriac
Oh yes, did I mention that I was also trying to make it heart-healthy, low-cal and low-sugar?

Thanks Marc, for organising and doing the round-up!

And here
it is!


Marc @ NoRecipes said...

Love how you interpreted the movie and your canapes are very colourful! Just wanted to let you know that the roundup is up.

Zabeena said...

Thanks!! Will try and link the roundup!