Thursday, August 04, 2005

Euro Blogging By Post 1

Euro Blogging By Post 1, the idea which prompted me to start this blog in the first place, is fully underway now, with people receiving their parcels and writing about it on their blogs. (There’s a lovely little gingerbread man logo to go with this, but unfortunately, I didn’t manage to import it to this blog...)

Our parcel arrived yesterday, and the little one, let’s call him Ozzy (yes, you’ve guessed it, he’s a right little head-banger), ran all the way to the attic to bring it to me. He could hardly contain himself, so much did he want to rip it open and see what the goodies were. Well, Moira (Who Wants Seconds?) who sent us this very heavy gift (which was nearly £9 in postage, ouch!) must have sensed that there are children in the house with a very sweet tooth!

As the photo doesn’t quite reveal, there was a large bag with chocolate chip cookies, a pancake mixture, a bottle of maple syrup and homemade granola. The pink card on the left contains the recipe for the quintessential American cookies, and the blue-white-and black-card in the middle (depicting an Ikea cow), a message from Moira. I loved the lot – the zip-up bags, the idea of the pancake mixture, Moira’s handwriting, everything! And this was before the first smell, the first bite, the first taste of the cookies!!!

My goodness, these cookies are truly sensational! – The ‘just as mother intended’ feel already starts with the smell, which nothing shop bought could ever achieve. Then you dig your teeth into the crunchy, oaty surface, and as soon as your tongue makes first contact with the chewy yet crumbly texture, you go, “Oh yeah!!!” And then, of course, the chocolate chips start melting on your tongue... mmmh, divine. – But don’t just take my word for it:
Ozzy loved the way they were sticky and airy at the same time, and “how the lumpy bits jilt and jolt in your mouth”; the teenager (who thinks of himself as quite a connoisseur of bake-ware and calls muffins ‘the King of Foods’) exclaimed ecstatically, “Just the right texture – it is so difficult to get the balance right, they’re either too doughy or too floury, and these are perfect!”; and OH declared categorically, “Best ones I’ve ever tasted!”

Thank you ever so much Moira, for your very generous parcel, and many thanks to Andrew at spittoon for coordinating it and doing the write-up.
And my sincere apologies to Jenni of Pertelote who is the unlucky recipient of my parcel, which is in no way as exciting as Moiras or as thoughtful and pretty as hers, which went to Dagmar in Sweden. I could cry just thinking about it.


Pille said...

Hi Zabeena - glad to hear you enjoyed your parcel! I had a pleasure of sending a small goodie bag to the very same Moira who sent a parcel to you - it's a small world:)
Just checked Pertelote's entry for the food blogging (she doesn't allow comments on her site) and just to ensure you, I would have been delighted to receive a parcel of cheese-rye bread-chutney - it sounded delicious! I was a very lucky recipient of an Italian-influenced parcel from the passionate cook myself..
Good luck with blogging - I only started in June and am very much enjoying it!

Moira said...

Hi Zabeena...thank you for your wonderful write-up! I've just done mine, and thought you'd like to have a look:

I'm so happy that you liked your package, and I can't wait to hear what everyone thinks of the pancakes!


Zabeena said...

Pille: thank you for your encouragement.
Moira:I read your write-up, thanks for plugging my blog - everyone is just so nice in this blogsphere...

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