Monday, August 01, 2005

Cheers, Prost & Massel Tov!!!

Yesterday, I raised a glass to the newlyweds (as if I ever needed any excuses...) and wished them all the luck in the world.

-- Actually, having just written this, it occurred to me that "all the luck in the world" is a rather silly expression... but let's not get into linguistics just yet. I'm still recovering from the post-match analysis of an 11+ practice paper on verbal reasoning, which took me right back to a very similar situation six years ago, when my equally mathematically minded first-born tried to argue with the test results. Amazes me again and again, how some people get all fuddled when the equations contain concepts rather than meaningless numbers, letters or symbols. --

My OH was a bit taken aback by my insisting on the Red Russian, but I thought it had to be a very special tipple for this particular occasion. This red sparkling wine from the Crimean (Krimsekt in German) is really something else. With its cassis colour, its blackcurrant taste and smell, it's like Ribena for grown-ups. I'm sure no serious wine connoisseur would admit to having a soft spot for it, but I for one think it's got a dazzling decadence that few other drinks can rival. (Especially when you keep it for very, very special occasions only...)

So, as you can see, I've managed to upload the photographs (no idea how to get them any more focussed than this...) but I had to endure the special kind of benevolent mockery that teenagers reserve for their elders ... apparently, my lack of knowledge is of a breathtaking depth ... and he left me with the advice that I'd better start pronouncing "url" as earl rather than u.r.l. unless I was hellbent on becoming the laughing stock of the blogging world. (For which he had nothing but contempt anyway, you understand... anything worth reading would appear anywhere but a blog ... well, if this is why my copy of Kafka's The Trial has gone walkabouts I'm not complaining, but I doubt it...)

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