Friday, September 30, 2005

Cheese, Cloves & Cake

from Amsterdam!! Yes, my parcel has just arrived, and it's all absolutely wonderful and so spot on (as in: so many things that I absolutely love)!
Chocolate Cake (in fact: Chocolate & Zucchini Cake - how good is that?!)
Clove Sausage
Sheep & Goat's milk Cheese
& Dune Thorn Berry Jam (a completely new food to me)

And can you see the little black faced sheep? Talia who sent me this parcel, says that's what her name means, and it's the most wonderful, sweetest thing you can imagine! (I think even in my dreadful picture - I must do something about that camera! - its character comes across!)

All those items came from the weekly organic food market, and from the back of Talia's cupboard: UDON NOODLES and Japanese Barley Iced Tea. And I already know what I want to do with the noodles - only: WHEN???

I haven't even posted my own parcel!! I'm so sorry Andrew! Apart from nearly burning the house down (see below), all sorts of things have gone wrong, too. The damson jam turned out too thick, the nectarine & amaretto jam turned out too runny, the curtain rail came down, the printer is out of order (which I need to complete my parcel - don't ask!!) and I have a major problem with Frank on my hands! I shall try to get everything sorted asap, and do a proper write-up, but now I must rush back into the kitchen...


Joanna said...

Hi Zabeena ... you've been making me laugh all morning (when I should have been sorting out my paperwork - I've missed the tax deadline, so I don't suppose I'll get round to it until the end of January now, that's my usual style!). I'll try to get some of the herring recipes from my sister in law, who lives in Stockholm, and keep you posted. In the mean time, I'll put a link to your site on mine.

Best wishes,

Zabeena said...

I'm glad I made you laugh (and if it made you feel slightly guilty: this was only the tax credits, I haven't actually started on my "proper" tax work yet!!!)

Herring recipes from your sister-in-law, yes, please!! (The only problem is how fatty/calorific they are, but if I remember rightly, herring is also one of those omega rich fish, isn't it?)

I'd love to put a link from mine to yours but I don't know how...

Joanna said...

rring is good fat, the sort you “should” eat twice a week; it’s only saturated fat that’s a problem (ie the sort that goes solid and blocks the sink if you pour it down when it’s hot), and then it’s a question of moderation, whether or not you’re watching your cholesterol / weight. I wouldn’t want you to think I’m perfect; this way of eating has meant I’ve gone down a dress size without even trying, but I’m still overweight!

This is how I link... you get into the code (blogger, change settings, template), which looks like gobbledegook, but there are words you recognise in there. So you look for "links", and then you'll see whatever you've got (what blogger started you off with, probably Google etc). You carefully take out the url and replace it with the one you want, and then, just a bit further in the same line, you replace the name which will appear in your blog (ie A Lot on My Plate, rather than alotonmyplate).

You will almost certainly go back and look at your blog 100 times during the course of this operation (using the preview button at the bottom), and each time you do, you will be amazed at what you have achieved (!). The best bit is that if you find you can't do it, you press a button which restores everything to how it was in the first place.

Really keen bloggers have two identical blogs, one which they use for experimenting. They will also be able to tell you an easier way to do this, but this works for me - and has the bonus of making me feel clever!

Good luck, Joanna

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